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Upbeat Workouts is App of the Week on Good Day Sacramento

Urban Cow Half Marathon Training Program

UpBeat Workouts has partnered with The Urban Cow Half Marathon to provide the first-ever coached workouts delivered on an iPhone app. This 9 week program is free to all Urban Cow runners and available in the iTunes store - search for Urban Cow Half Marathon or click here. The app provides a 9-week training program led by ultra marathoner and author of the new book Be a Better Runner, Sally Edwards and her co-coach Pam Kropf. The training schedule is written by Urban Cow race director and owner of the Capitol Road Race Management, Rich Hanna. Each of the 18 complimentary coached workouts provides you with motivation from your music, verbal directions from your coach, auto-setting of your pace as the UpBeat coaches lead you through each training run. There are two key training runs per week. NOTE: if you are an event director, you can provide your runners with the same opportunity to train with professional coaches and with the power of coached workouts leading runners through their training program by contacting UpBeat Workouts.

More About the Training Program

Run and perform better for the Urban Cow Half Marathon by using this app to provide you with professional coaching, stride-matched music, and a training plan to achieve your goals. The app includes 19 different fun and periodized "Coached Run Workouts" that guide and motivate you as you prepare for the race on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 in Sacramento, California.

The app is developed by three talented professional coaches who you will meet and hear from during the workouts. For more visiting the UpBeat Workouts website for their bio's. The training plan, designed by Ultra-marathoner of the year and race director, Rich Hanna is for beginners to intermediate runners who want to do their first or umpteenth half-marathon. See the schedule by clicking on the tab above "Schedule".

Each run workout also provides you with tips, information about the race, and ways to train smarter like using a heart rate monitor in the zones and using "stride-matched" (synchronization) music to keep you on the beat - automatically - hands-free. Music from your playlist synchs with your running and walking steps as us your coach sets the tempo for you. UpBeat the app was created by triathlon Hall of Fame member Sally Edwards, best-selling author of two dozen book titles including her two new titles: "Be a Better Runner" and "ZONING, Fitness in a Blink". Listen to Sally and her co-coach Pam Kropf lead you through each run with remarkable energy and enthusiasm.

How does the app work? First, we provide you with the beats-per-minute of all of the songs in your device - for free. Our server has 10 million songs with BPM data and we tag that to your songs. Then, coach Pam or coach Sally calls out an effort and the music selects automatically music to match that effort. Each run is so much easier with synchronization of BPM (beats per minute) with SPM (strides per minute) allowing you to run better and with more enjoyment as you attain your personal goals. This is the first iPhone app to provide you with coached workouts for a run of any distance.

Tell all of your running friends about the Urban Cow Half Marathon training app provided to you and brought to you by the event directors, Capital Road Race Management in partnerships with UpBeat Workouts.

* You must have a 3G or wifi connection when you first use UpBeat to load the beats per minute data into your iPhone or iPod touch - this is required for your first time run only each time that you use UpBeat, behind the scenes, we update any new music you might have added to your device.

* We highly recommend an armband, even on a treadmill, for the most accurate strides-per-minute detection from the device's accelerometer. 

You can upgrade to full featured UpBeat Workouts for $2.99 adding several additional features such as "Just Go" feature to your UpBeat experience which allows you to set fixed-cadence (strides-per-minute) or matched stride running.


Rhythm & Moooves, Tuesday, July 24, 6 p.m.
McKinley Park

As a registered participant of Urban Cow Half Marathon, you're invited to meet the creator and founder of UpBeat Workouts, Sally Edwards, and Race Director, Rich Hanna to learn what you can do to train for your race in October!

Drop in to this free event anytime between 6 and 7 p.m., and we'll show you how to use your UpBeat Workouts Urban Cow Half Marathon Training Program app to get you to the finish line stronger and happier.


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“Finally! Someone figured out how to combine MY music with coaching onto the iPhone into a simple, integrated app. Thanks Upbeat!”

— Ellen Hall
Boulder, Colorado